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The heart of the festival is the International Competition. 114 films from 33 countries compete in eight thematic programs, two Documentary programs and two Confrontations programs for the six awards. Statistically, French films have the best chances at an award with 13 entries, followed by the US (10), England (9), Germany and Spain (8 each). However, less well-known film nations are also represented: three Iranian films are competing, as well as one film each from Bulgaria and Kurdistan. The longest film is “The Moon and the Son” from the US, running 28 minutes, and “V Gradinata Na Raia” from Bulgaria is the shortest – just one minute. If you don’t want to miss any of the nominees, get comfortable with the idea of spending a grand total of 17 hours, 25 minutes and 1 second in the theater seats at Kino Babylon Berlin:Mitte and Hackesche Höfe.

The international jury will select one film for each of the following Short Awards: “Best Film,” “Best Animation” and “Best Camera.” Two special juries will select the “Best Documentary” and two “Best Films Against Violence and Intolerance.”

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Germany has limited natural resources, and the economy is currently marked by unsually high unemployment and relatively low growth rates. Only the area of associations is enjoying a rise in numbers: every year at least 15,000 new registered associations are founded. Around 90% of all young adults aspire to monogamous relationships and parenthood. However, one in two German households are single-person households. Sixty-five percent of all households are childless. Almost 50% of all Germans in relationships cheat on their partners.

For the third time in a row, the German Competition opens our minds for thoughts, images, stories and realites of our society, inviting us on a journey of discovery in our own country.

In 2003, the German Competition arose from Local Heroes, a competition for films from the Berlin-Brandendburg region, and continues to grow: the number of submissions has risen 26% since its introduction. Most – 264 to be exact – come from Berlin. Of 958 German films screened, 20 were selected to compete. Of all 100 German films shown at the festival, 27 come from German universities and academies.

A jury of four will select two films to receive the “Best German Short Film” Award.

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The Immaginale, started eight years ago as an independent festival, has since found a home within interfilm as a special section dedicated to Italy.
Over the years, this little *festival within a festival* has gone through many changes. Our goal, however, has remained identical throughout: to give an overview of Italian short films as well as the conditions under which they are produced.

In two programs with a total of 15 films we present Love and Other Special Offers using the example of vacuum cleaner salesmen, supermarkets, yachts and wardrobes. Under the header Memories, Labour & Social Affairs surreal games find their place alongside children, the outskirts of cities, and civil engagement.

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Eject VIII

It started as an anarchistic, absurd, mold-breaking event idea in a factory yard in Prenzlauer Berg, and has turned into a real audience magnet. "Eject" has survived its 7th-year curse and returned to await 800 audience members in the Großer Saal at the Volksbühne on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.
20 strange and unconventional films about anything from accidents and mishaps, very loud screams for love, and various home and away games are ready to be nominated or "ejected" by a voting process that*s as unique as the films.
Have your mirrors ready to pick the strangest of the strange: Eject!

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More enchanting, more diverse, and wilder than ever, the children*s section has been expanded to make up a Short Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Divided for the first time into three separate competitions, 26 films from 12 countries let young audiences explore strange worlds and experience exciting adventures, often in animation and without dialog. The five members of the Children*s Jury will select two clips for the "Best Children*s Short Film" award.

Before the KuKi programs, see what happens when children and young people take the camera into their own hands. We present the film version of the French animation short "Bus Stop," created by local students during a workshop prior to the festival. In two other programs, interfilm gives budding young filmmakers the chance to present their films to a larger audience: The Best of the Berlin Youth Media Festival 2004, with the works of aspiring directors and producers between the ages of 6 and 25, and the DVD presentation of the "Workshop for Young Filmmakers."

Special thanks go to Zapf Umzüge, whose cooperation made the expansion of the children*s program at the 21st International Short Film Festival possible.

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