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IC-02   Sense of Life

Screening :

03. 11. 2005 at 18:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte 
04. 11. 2005 at 21:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte 



Director(s): Matthew Morgan

Wales, 2004

running time: 06´33 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

Hope follows the isolated and lonely life of those who believe that they don´t fit in. Hope comes when you least expect it.  more info

Nothing special

Director(s): Helena Brooks

New Zealand, 2004

running time: 11´00 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

Black comedy about Billy, a young boy who becomes the reluctant subject of worship when his deluded mother decides he is the reincarnate of Jesus.  more info

Une histoire vertébrale

Director(s): Jérémy Clapin

France, 2004

running time: 09´00 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

It´s hard to find love when you can only look in one place - on the ground. A man with a peculiar physique takes a chance to find that special someone.   more info


Director(s): Krzysztof Kiwerski, Zbigniew Szymanski

Poland, 2005

running time: 08´20 min

Allegorical vision of society. In a gloomy world faceless beings struggle upwards in order to reach the promising light.  more info


Director(s): Xavi Puebla

Spain, 2003

running time: 15´50 min

Dialogue: Spanish

Just like every other morning, a young man goes to the shopping centre where he works as a salesman. But, today is friday and there is hope for an exciting evening.  more info

Le Sens de la Vie

Director(s): Bernard Stulzaft

France, 2004

running time: 03´25 min

Dialogue: French

We have stupid jobs, go on holidays despite overdrawn accounts and buy useless things in shopping malls. What is the meaning of life?  more info

Estes Avenue

Director(s): Paul Cotter

England, 2005

running time: 03´20 min

Dialogue: English

Five people, on the very same street, at the very same time, saying the very same word. Each for a very different reason.   more info

Herr Würfel

Director(s): Rafael Sommerhalder

Switzerland, 2004

running time: 07´40 min

Dialogue: German

Making decisions is not easy for Mr. Cube. One morning Mr Cube becomes entangled in an incident. He has only a bit longer than one second to make the decision of his life.   more info


Director(s): Colm McCarthy

Ireland, 2004

running time: 11´30 min

Dialogue: English

Physics genius, Mr. Grove fails to show that the universe is basically ordered and decides to commit suicide. But the powers in the universe have other plans...  more info


Director(s): Jonas Geirnaert

Belgium, 2004

running time: 11´00 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

Hanging up a picture, building a card house, doing laundry and watching TV. The daily lives of four normal people who happen to live beside each other.  more info

La Lupe i en Bruno

Director(s): Marc Riba, Anna Solanas

Spain, 2005

running time: 05´30 min

Lupe likes Bruno. Bruno does not like Lupe. A fascinating, passionate story of impossible love, of...Ok, maybe it`s only Lupe and Bruno`s story.   more info