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SP-09   Clipped! Animation, Music and Art


Intoxicate. Inspire. Surprise. A visual mix tape of animation, music and art: Besides innovative, animated music videos, Clipped! also shows short films from the industrial area and advertising. The idea was to make fluid transitions not only auditory, but visual - to homogenize diverse structures in appearance, narrative method, sound and clip techniques to a single unit and still allow for individual surprises. The absurd mingles with the banal, hectic color with low-key black and white. Low budget productions take turns with famous creations. 25 clips from ten countries.

Screening :

03. 11. 2005 at 21:00 h, Roter Salon - Volksbühne 
04. 11. 2005 at 22:00 h, ACUD Kino 
06. 11. 2005 at 22:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte 




Canada, 2005

running time: 01´20 min

This piece takes the audience on an unforetold journey across the impressive block-cut graphic hills of eastern europe, surviving on nothing but sausages.   more info

Le Sens de la Vie

Director(s): Bernard Stulzaft

France, 2004

running time: 03´25 min

Dialogue: French

We have stupid jobs, go on holidays despite overdrawn accounts and buy useless things in shopping malls. What is the meaning of life?  more info


Director(s): Luis Torres

Mexico / Canada, 2000

running time: 03´29 min

Torres, a Mexico-city based designer and animator, brings his personal paintings to life in this fluid dream and explores themes of "Growth and the different stages either in a physical manner or a spiritual way. "  more info

"Sound des Sommers" (Mercedes)


Germany, 2005

running time: 01´01 min

Az Ember Axi Megeszi Magŕt

Director(s): Pál Balázs

Hungary, 2003

running time: 04´35 min

Dialogue: Ungarisch

While committing suicide, a man sees his life, as a medley of songs, pass before his eyes. Bon appetit!  more info

Dandaka Dharma

Director(s): Nina Paley

England, 2005

running time: 04´00 min

Sita is a central character in the known Indian folktale and myth Ramayana. She is the wife of Rama, the God-King, daughter of the Earth, incarnation of goddess Lakshmi, embodiment of chastity and purity, the Perfect Woman, and a doormat. In this version of the tale she is singing the blues. Sita is born directly from the Earth and found by King Janaka, who recognizes her "celestial beauty" and determines her bride price to be her suitor´s "manliness." Thus she is wed to Rama, with whom she falls in love at first sight. She returns with Rama to Ayodhya, where they live luxuriously until Rama´s scheming stepmother Kaikeyi connives to have him banished for 14 years. Sita eagerly agrees to stay by her husband´s side, and off they go to the forest.  more info


Director(s): Mats Andersson, Joshua Harvey

U S A, 2005

running time: 03´20 min

A storey of a man who retreats to far into a book to escape an enclosing war.   more info

"Long time ago, tomorrow"-Nike: Art of speed


U S A, 2000

running time: 01´01 min

A test pilot takes his plane to the limits of speed, the speed of light, where sound is particulated, light abstracts, and the heat becomes intense. As he approaches the barrier, everything snaps, abstracting the pilot´s reality into environmental shifts and hallucinations.  more info


Director(s): Till Nowak

Germany, 2005

running time: 09´00 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

An old hermit lives a lonely life in the dark shadows of industrial smog. One day he receives a mysterious package.  more info

Small Pulse (Tekko)

Director(s): Arvydas Slabosevicius

Canada, 2005

running time: 01´20 min

A small comment on the perils of consumerism in our world of vending machine convenience. Comissioned by Tekko for their Future Beautiful exhibition   more info

Workin Progress

Director(s): Gabriel Garcia, Geordie Vandendaele, Benjamin Fligans, Benjamin Flinois

France, 2004

running time: 04´20 min

Good workers never work alone. With number, comes efficiency...until one gets mad! Workin´progress is an urban musical with frenetic music from the 50´s.   more info

Armageddon Parody

Director(s): Stefan Stadlberger

Germany / England, 2005

running time: 03´32 min

The film takes a shot at Hollywood films in general and at "Armageddon" in particular while displaying dark british humor.   more info



England, 2000

running time: 01´01 min

Laptops & Martini´s (Punto Zero)

Director(s): Motomichi Nakamura

U S A, 2003

running time: 03´16 min

An evil monster pounds the floor with its hoofs in an attempt to awake the evil side of a little Cyclops.   more info



Netherlands, 2000

running time: 03´35 min

Take a breath, crank the volume, sit back and chill out for 3.08 minutes.  more info


Director(s): Rodrigo Olmos, Axel Schmidt

Germany, 2004

running time: 04´06 min

Dialogue: no_dialogues

Brazil (Nike)

Director(s): Postpanic 

Netherlands, 2005

running time: 01´40 min

The Def Song

Director(s): DOCTOR L, Xavier REYE

France, 2004

running time: 04´20 min

At the sound of the « Big Bang » in an end of the world atmosphere… A surrealistic story and inspired collage on the war and conflicts of our century.   more info

Prudence "A tort ou ŕ raison"

Director(s): Joris Clerté, Philippe Massonnet

France, 2000

running time: 01´55 min

Dialogue: lyrics in Frenc

Three people communicate, at a restaurant table, with their hands, fingers and glasses of wine. Accompanied by a little song, things on the tablecloth come to life.   more info



Spain / U S A, 2000

running time: 01´11 min

Buckets, its a short film about the new character Dr.Flow and the well know character Dr.Maxwell.  more info

Running Away

Director(s): Sébastien Laban

France, 2004

running time: 04´45 min

David and Flavie are in love. Unfortunately, their families are against them.  more info

To Long For

Director(s): Marc R. Wilkins

Germany / England, 2004

running time: 01´13 min

A soft and gentle, very poetic film. The pictures get their own soul, each gets a character. We hear them talk, whisper, shout. They seek and long for other pictures. Seeking just like people seek other people with announcements in newspapers. The pictures get into a row and finally find to each other for creating an emotional film sequence. By the usage of different voices and music a very lyrical sound is created. The target is to seduce the viewer into a longing and passionate world of pictures. Not just a poetic film but also a filmed poem.  more info

Palm. Other World.

Director(s): Postpanic 

Netherlands, 2005

running time: 02´24 min