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As part of the German-Poland Year 2005 / 2006, interfilm presents a country focus program on Poland.

The high quality cinematographic tradition of Polish filmmakers has developed since the fall of the Iron Curtain, casting an open and critical eye on the Poland of today. A new generation shows us uncomfortable images and truths in a direct manner, replacing an East-specific, ambiguous picture language. This is an exciting process that deserves a bigger space to unfold.

Three programs focus on the contemporary Polish short film: “Sichtweisen,” “Herausforderungen” and “Entzauberung” include extraordinary and award-winning productions as well as up-and-coming works from internationally renowned Polish film schools.

A simultaneous peek at the past and the future will be the hommage to master director Zbigniew Rybczyński. His former and future influence comes directly from his Polish productions of the 70s and American productions of the 80s.

A number of Polish filmmakers will present their films in person and answer questions from the audience. Prepare yourself for a sophisticated program.

Paul Darmer, Curator

These events were produced in cooperation with the Polish Institute Berlin and financed by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute with funds from the Cultural Ministry of the Republic of Poland as part of the German-Polish Year 2005 / 2006.

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Swedish cinema has always been known for an immense depth and diversity, and that is certainly true when speaking about Swedish short films as well. The selections in these programs consist mainly of films produced with the help and support of the regional film resource centers throughout Sweden. Surrounding the Artic circle, oddly enough the north of Sweden proves to be an especially fertile ground for short film production. The unique perspectives showcased in the films from the far north represent some of the best and brightest young talents currently working in Sweden. Botnia Film, a company whose primary purpose is to distribute the northern produced films is proud to have contributed to this program. Let the Northern Lights shine!

Thom Palmen (Festival director, Umeå International Film Festival)

The Swedish short film is underrepresented everywhere outside of Sweden. Due to structural problems, organizing a country focus is expensive and hard to calculate. This is unfortunate, because these films are of an international quality in every respect - and have been for quite some time.

For this reason, interfilm is very happy to be able to present this country focus. All relevant social themes are handled in a simultaneously profound and entertaining way, often with a tendency toward the extreme - like combining the comical and the frightening. These films stay with you long after you've left the theater.

A number of the filmmakers, invited by interfilm, will present their own films. We hope that these Swedish "Northern Lights" will be greeted by the large audience they deserve.

Paul Darmer, Co-curator

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Minimalism – this term best describes the short film genre – its narrative minimalism, or the image minimalism that arises from length limitations, or even the frequent forced minimalism of technical means available to directors on low budgets. But these same limitations are what often breed imaginative solutions and provide the audience with an unexpected movie experience.

The short film format is an ideal platform for young new filmmakers, but also presents renowned directors with a challenge. The Spanish short film scene is flourishing, noticeable in a happily growing number of festivals in Spain. Regional agencies in Madrid, the Basque region, Galicia and Extremadura provide sponsoring for short film productions. More and more Spanish short films are invited to international festivals. For the third time consecutively, we are thrilled that the International Short Film Festival Berlin includes a representative collection of new Spanish shorts in its Spanish program.

plays an important role in spreading the short film to a wider audience, not only with the festival, but also through its monthly short film program Shorts Attack in Berlin movie theaters as well as its comprehensive film archive. We wish the 21st edition of the festival much success and the audiences an exciting movie experience.

Ignacio Olmos
Director of the Instituto Cervantes Berlin

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