Berlin-Brandenburg Short Film Award


director(s): Welby Ings

New Zealand, 2004

running time: 14´59 min

A young male prostitute lives in a fantasy world full of broken angel-like dolls. By accident, he uncovers the truth behind a fatal accident in his home town.  more Info

Best Animation

Raging Blues

director(s): Vincent Paronnaud, Lyonnel Mathieu

France, 2004

running time: 06´00 min

Back in the 30´s, around Christmas, in the city hall, a property developer is showing to the mayor a huge real-estate project. In the street, in the middle of the busy crowd, a young woman in rags is begging for charity.  more Info

Best Cinematography


director(s): Matias Armand Jordal

Norway, 2004

running time: 11´30 min

To face your greatest fear in life is not easy when you´re only eleven years old. Especially when the one who terrifies you the most, is your own dad.  more Info

Special Mentions


director(s): Jonas Geirnaert

Belgium, 2004

running time: 11´00 min

Hanging up a picture, building a card house, doing laundry and watching TV. The daily lives of four normal people who happen to live beside each other.  more Info

Gjennom mine tykke briller

director(s): Pjotr Sapegin

Norway, 2004

running time: 13´00 min

A little girl refuses to put her hat on before going out to play. In order to persuade her, her grandfather tells her a strange story about his hardships during the war.  more Info


director(s): Gabriel Judet-Weinshel

U S A, 2005

running time: 04´00 min

In a post-apocalyptic landscape, a man and woman are chased by faceless creatures and papier-mâché attack dogs. He loses his life, the woman conceives an ingenious method of escape.  more Info

Best Short Film Against Violence and Intolerance

1. prize


director(s): Ariel Zylbersztejn

Mexico, 2004

running time: 09´00 min

When a young Jewish-Mexican girl asks her grandmother about the numbers tattooed on her arm, the answer surprises her.   more Info

2. prize

Everything in this Country must

director(s): Gary McKendry

Northern Ireland, 2004

running time: 20´15 min

Northern Ireland, 1985. A teenage girl must choose between allegiance to her Catholic father and gratitude to the British soldiers.   more Info

Special Mentions

Everything was Life

director(s): Ellie Land

England, 2004

running time: 04´01 min

An animated documentary exploring the practice of female genital mutilation  more Info

Victoria para Chino

director(s): Cary Fukunaga

U S A, 2005

running time: 13´30 min

In May 2003 a truck carrying more than 80 undocumented immigrants crossed the Mexican border intoTexas. A combination of heat and overcrowding lead to tragedy.   more Info

West Bank Story

director(s): Ari Sandel

U S A, 2004

running time: 22´00 min

A musical comedy about an unequal pair, David and Fatima, who fall in love despite the fact that their families run rival felafel snack bars.  more Info

Best Dokumentary Short Film



director(s): Leo Wentink

Netherlands, 2004

running time: 12´00 min

A Dutch farm, 20,000 albino rabbits living in the barn, no sounds, no smells. Nijnok (rabbit in dutch, spelled backwards) distances the audience with an unusual narrative.  more Info

Special Mentions


director(s): Karin Karlsson, Mita Moberg

Sweden, 2004

running time: 13´00 min

One 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, people fish on the lake Torneträsk. They sit in their "arks" - small, movable cabins, filled with all possible modern conveniences.  more Info

The Moon and the Son

director(s): John Canemaker

U S A, 2004

running time: 28´00 min

In an imaginary conversation, Canemaker confronts his turbulent relationship with his Italian father.  more Info


German Competition 

Best German Short Film

1. Prize


director(s): Maximilian Erlenwein

Germany, 2005

running time: 30´00 min

When Tom returns to Berlin and tries to take up his former life, his subconscious and friends hinder him.  more Info

2. Prize


director(s): Vera Lalyko

Germany, 2005

running time: 07´00 min

A chubby girl on roller skates accidentally runs over an old lady´s lapdog. Chaos results as she tries to find a replacement.  more Info

Special Mention


director(s): Maria Böckenhoff

Germany, 2004

running time: 03´49 min

A small flesh-eating plant is hungry. Surely it would be able to catch one of these delicious little flies, if it weren´t for it´s larger brothers...  more Info


Children's and Youth Short Film Festival 

Beste Children's Short Film

KuKi 1


director(s): Tine Kluth

Germany, 2005

running time: 13´30 min

Tomcat, is a street cat who wanders unhappily through life. He is not disappointed when a car ends his pitiful existence. But, since cats have 9 lives, he returns to earth.  more Info

KuKi 2

The Tooth

director(s): Nathan Stone

Australia, 2004

running time: 04´00 min

A nasty piece of space fruit shatters the tooth of a young alien named Xeno, sending him on a long and painful quest for dental relief.  more Info

Special Mention


director(s): Géza M. Tóth

Hungary, 2005

running time: 05´00 min

Five minutes before the Big Performance, the Maestro is getting ready behind the curtains. Time is slowly ticking away...  more Info


Audience Awards


Best Italian Short Film


director(s): Melo Prino, Luca Sivo

Italy, 2005

running time: 05´00 min

A funny metaphor about the loss of identity. A surreal game with ones own reflection.  more Info

'Eject VIII'


director(s): Martin Lund

Norway, 2004

running time: 09´55 min

Two sports commentators on the hardest, most common fight of them all.  more Info