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KuKi-SP   Youth Media Festival 2004 - Best of


A number of festivals in Germany tackle children*s films - in other words, films by professional filmmakers for children. However, there are not many opportunities for children and young persons to present their own films. The Berlin Media Festival was established for them. Making your own film is an important step towards media competence, but reflecting on that work and exchanging thoughts about it with others is just as important.

The festival is designed and planned for the most part by young people; media educators provide the necessary organizational and financial framework. The competition is divided into three age groups, therefore representing a wide spectrum of works. The technique used to produce the film is of little consequence, more important are the idea and its realization.

The winners will be chosen by an independent jury of specialists and by a producer*s jury, taking the diverse production techniques into consideration. In each age group a gold, silver, bronze and producer*s clip will be awarded. Each award winner will also receive a cash prize.


Screening :

05. 11. 2005 at 16:00 h, Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater 
06. 11. 2005 at 14:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte 



Director(s): Lea Ahrens, Kim Lisa Becker, Martha Bordel

Germany, 2004

running time: 08´20 min

With the help of interviews, young film makers- all 14 years old - explore Berlin 15 years after the fall of the wall.  more info

Love Story

Director(s): Esther Babajanyan

Armenia, 2003

running time: 01´12 min

During the military defence class the teacher describes how to use a hand gun. Everyone listens attentively except for one student...  more info

Angst vorm 3 Meter-Brett


Germany, 2005

running time: 08´50 min

10-year-old Rudi still cannot swim. When he falls from the 3m board, and everyone laughs, he wishes he were an ant.  more info

Is Billy In?

Director(s): Chris Kemp, Sara Strickland

England, 2003

running time: 07´30 min

Bored and fed up in the summer holidays, Beth goes to pick up Billy. Her journey turns into a percussive extravaganza.  more info

Kieus Traum


Germany, 2005

running time: 02´20 min

Kieu dreams about a snake which she sees on the way to school. Suddenly it attacks and bites her finger.  more info


Director(s): Robert Kuzniewski

Poland, 2004

running time: 02´50 min

The reward for the effort.  more info

Mio Paradiso

Director(s): Jang Se-Yong

South Korea, 2004

running time: 02´05 min

The shy and careful Yeon-Jung has feelings for her friend Sun-hee. In order to win her heart, Yeon-Jung locks herself, with Sun-Hee, in the school attic.   more info


Director(s): Andrč Tronin

Germany, 2004

running time: 02´00 min

They chat and fall in love long distance. Now they are face-to-face.  more info


Director(s): Andrea Moring

Hungary, 2004

running time: 03´00 min

Their paths across the same sidewalk connect two strangers. She is not able to live in reality and he cannot decide who he wants to be.  more info


Director(s): Erik Lehmann

Germany, 2004

running time: 08´20 min

The adventure of a young boy who experiences the strength that memories can have. A story about friendship, fear, searching and finding.  more info


Director(s): Lisei Caspers

Germany, 2004

running time: 14´05 min

Dialogue: German

Two school children document the daily lives of homeless people in Wuppertal.  more info


Director(s): Philipp Krecklow

Germany, 2005

running time: 03´00 min

A woman´s heart was never easy to conquer. And in the toilet it is especially difficult.  more info


Director(s): Andreas Eriksen

Norway, 2005

running time: 10´00 min

The six-year-old Siri has an imaginary friend named Delbert. When she has to go to the airport with her father, he allows her to bring Delbert along.  more info

Trans - Leben zwischen den Welten

Director(s): Yeliz Karapolat, S. H., Natascha Imsfeld, Annika Bruß

Germany, 2004

running time: 14´00 min

A touching portrait of Theo, who loves women ans sees himself as trans-sexual. Until now he's being trapped in the body of a woman.  more info