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KuKi-SP   Tricks for Kids (6 years and up)

Screening :

02. 11. 2005 at 10:00 h, Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater 


The Shark and The Piano

Director(s): Gabriele Pennacchioli, Alessandro Carloni

Germany, 2001

running time: 06´30 min

A lonesome shark tries to make friends but all the animals are scared of his big teeth… . While finding a piano he becomes rather happy!  more info


Director(s): Peter Lemken

Germany, 1999

running time: 10´00 min

Day in, day out - the two wooden figures inhabiting a weather forecasting cottage, carry out their functions without being aware of one another. That all changes when a bolt of lightning sends their lives in a fiery new direction.  more info

Schauen Sie Auf Das Kleine Vögelchen


Germany, 1999

running time: 02´00 min

A nightmarish day unfolds for a woman who just `can‘t get her face on‘ at the instant photo booth.   more info



FrankreichFrance, 2001

running time: 06´37 min

A revised and updated version of the ugly duckling in a paper cut-out world.   more info


Director(s): Anja Perl, Petra Schröder

Germany, 1998

running time: 06´35 min

A cut flower, a budgie and a cat live together in harmony in a kitchen. The idyll doesn´t last long however as the flower starts singing rather loudly.  more info

Trompe L´oeil

Director(s): Ingo Panke

Germany, 1999

running time: 04´30 min

A worm enjoys the wonderful view from the window of his new apartment. That is, until a piercing noise disturbs his peace...  more info

Slim Pickings

Director(s): Anthony Lucas

Australia, 1998

running time: 04´30 min

The old man is hungry and the tomatoe plant at the kitchen window does not grow. So the man has a helpful idea.  more info


Director(s): Nina Paley

U S A, 2001

running time: 04´30 min

A man loses perspective while playing with his dog: He is thrown into new perspectives and spaces.  more info


Director(s): Carlo Piaget

SchweizSwitzerland, 2002

running time: 05´00 min

A filament emprisoned in its own streetlamp bulb is at last freed when the cable holding the lamp break during a storm.  more info

Der Storch

Director(s): Klaus Morschheuser

DeutschlandGermany, 2002

running time: 07´40 min

As if the stork didn´t have enough to do transporting all those babies, a cheeky sparrow lands on his beak and asks him what he is doing.  more info