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KuKi-PRE   Straight Ahead - Workshop for young film makers


Bernd Gützel-Lingner, project director of "Junge Filmszene" gives us a look at the activities of the Federal Association for Youth and Film, e.V., the largest organization (with 1,200 members) of cultural childrens* and youth film work in Europe. The Association helps children*s and youth intiatives through its film distribution "BFJ Clubfilmothek," with seminars, at film festivals and conferences, with books and brochures on filmmaking, and through its information network "Junge Filmszene" (Young Film Scene). Be it with online databases, circulars, interdisciplinary connections or lobbying, the Association is an essential source of information and support for young people interested in film. Berndt Güntzel-Lingner talks about his work and takes a look at the film program with attending filmmakers to find the challenges for these young creative minds.
Additionaly, the DVD GeradeRaus (Summer 2005) by the WORKSHOP FOR YOUNG FILMMAKERS will be presented. It includes 19 films and videos from the past 15 years, reflecting tht full diversity of the up-and-coming scene.
www.bjf.info / www.jungefilmszene.de

Screening :

05. 11. 2005 at 16:00 h, Babylon Berlin:Mitte 



Director(s): Laura Baginski, Owi Mahn

Germany, 2004

running time: 01´52 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

You can use a little bread, some vegetables and other foods to make a lot of stuff - for example a trick film!  more info

Der Ausflug

Director(s): Dorothea Nölle

Germany, 2004

running time: 10´42 min

Refusing to leave her love life to chance, Renate organizes a bike tour through the personal ads. A blind date with an unforseeable outcome...  more info


Director(s): Dirk Disch, André Schäfer, Volkan Cenberoglu, Sabine Ehinger

Germany, 2004

running time: 03´49 min

Seven days long, shut up in a windowless room, a little clay man eats away at his being. Is there hope in futility? www.infinite.de.tt  more info

Wenn Fussball malt...

Director(s): Gabriel Gauchet

Germany, 2004

running time: 05´26 min

In the 2002 Soccer World Cup opening match, Senegal is the surprise victor,1:0 against France - reigning champions and the former colonial power.  more info


Director(s): Ariane Mayer

Germany, 2005

running time: 07´50 min

Dialogue: no dialogue

In frustration, a monk nearly destroys the incarnation of God - a fly, which will little later help him to complete his choral compostion.  more info

Die Ordnung der Dinge

Director(s): Finn-Ole Heinrich

Germany, 2004

running time: 08´00 min

What will happen if I kill the fly in my room? Every decision has a consequence. Lucie is responsible for every detail.  more info


Director(s): Ivi Roberg

Germany, 2004

running time: 06´14 min

A young girl reflects about her parents, memories, dreams and the place where everything meets to heal wounds. Filmed in super 8 in Brasil.   more info

Das Übliche

Director(s): Mark Auerbach

Germany, 2005

running time: 08´33 min

During a video film class, a group of teenagers land in a nightmare out of which there is no escape.   more info

Chop Suey mit Dönerfleisch

Director(s): Daniel Rübesam

Germany, 2003

running time: 09´00 min

It is one in the morning. Two guys are trying to buy some dope but have no plan. They don´t understand anything.  more info


Director(s): Mark Feuerstake

Germany, 1989

running time: 04´00 min

A squigly being escapes from a box and gets out of control. A scratch animation.  more info


Director(s): Nils Eckhardt, Henning Hesse

Germany, 2003

running time: 11´02 min

Manfred cannot resist the charms of his new secretary. The antique desk he has delivered to his office conceals a secret.   more info


Director(s): Veit Helmer

Germany, 2001

running time: 05´23 min

People should allow themselves at least one pleasure a day: For Granny Ligner it´s the handsome young man who brings her lunch.   more info