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KuKi-SW   Short films from Sweden


Short films for children 8 and up from the home of Pippi Longstocking, Michel and the children of Bullerbü. This is the interfilm premiere of a children*s program with a country focus. Turbulent egg shopping, flying dreams and theatrical ballgames from up north.

Screening :

03. 11. 2005 at 10:00 h, Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater 


Lilla grisen flyger


Sweden, 2004

running time: 09´30 min

A little pig, who dreams of being able to fly, goes out into the big, wide world in search of someone to teach him.  more info

Den Roda Traden


Sweden, 2005

running time: 03´45 min

An old, confused lady finds a red thread stuck on a wall and begins to follow it.  more info


Director(s): Lasse Persson

Sweden, 2004

running time: 06´00 min

After he gets all dressed up in his mother´s yellow bikini, a young man is too nervous to leave the dressing room. Can the funny twins encourage him?  more info


Director(s): Pernilla Johansson

Sweden, 2005

running time: 03´16 min

Dialogue: no dialogues

It´s Tuesday, a grey ordinary day like any other, for most people. But for Ester it´s a favourite day - she is going swimming.   more info


Director(s): Staffan Erlandsson, Anna Hansson

Sweden, 2004

running time: 02´00 min

On a rock in the woods, a clumsy frog dreams of being a ballerina and dancing on stage.   more info

I fred

Director(s): Jenifer Malmqvist

Sweden, 2004

running time: 14´00 min

Jonna wants to play war with her friend Emelie. Nevertheless, it´s about intimacy, love and respect.  more info

Glenn, the Great Runner

Director(s): Anna Erlandsson

Sweden, 2003

running time: 03´00 min

Glenn, the Great Runner, will once again enter a race. The question is, does he get the support that he craves?  more info

Tanken som räknas

Director(s): Robert Lundmark

Sweden, 2003

running time: 04´30 min

His seventh birthday. A day when all he wants to think about is playing, eating cake and opening presents. His day. Not his fatherís day.  more info

Barn leker ute

Director(s): Per Hanefjord

Sweden, 2002

running time: 08´00 min

Dialogue: Swedish

Leif is a grumpy, lonely old man. His only contacts with the rest of the world is the daily weather forecasts on his old radio. One day there is a call at the door.  more info


Director(s): Gorki Glaser-Müller

Sweden, 2003

running time: 14´00 min

Dialogue: Swedish

Ivar´s grandfather thinks that vegetarians are not real men. When Ivan has to buy an egg, their relationship gets another chance.  more info

Fair play

Director(s): Magnus Holmgren

Sweden, 2004

running time: 03´00 min

In Sweden two children play what they know as soccer. They put the ball into play and then throw themselves theatrically to the ground. The best dive wins.   more info