Children and Youth Short Film Festival

Dear Kids and Teens,

at last one of our wishes came true for the first time this year: thanks to “Zapf Umzüge“ we can offer you lots of cool additions to the former film section for kids and present the Children and Youth Short Film Festival. Together with you a jury made up of children will watch the three KuKi Children’s Competition programs and choose the two winners. We’re eager to know who that may be!

Which issues Swedish kids and teens deal with, how they pass their time and what really upsets them big time, this and more can be uncovered at our special program on short films from Sweden.

And there is still more to check out: with the Best Of Youth Media Festival Berlin 2004 and the DVD-presentation of the Workshop for Young Filmmakers interfilm Berlin offers a chance for upcoming filmmakers to demonstrate their talents in front of a large audience. What happens if you pick up the camera yourselves? The film version of “Bus Stop” which was developed at our Workshop during autumn half-term will bare proof prior to every competition program.

We are looking forward to welcome you and wish you lots of fun at the Children and Youth Short Film Festival 2005!