Interfilm Berlin and BenQ Mobile present the first visual festival journal for the mobile.

Inspired by the resounding success of the Siemens mobile MicroMovie AWARD 2004, interfilm Berlin, BenQ Mobile and coöperated to create a new format this year. The digital festival report BlueNews was developed exclusively for the upcoming 21st International Short Film Festival in Berlin from November 1 – 6, 2005. All festival visitors can access this “mobile magazine” free of charge using a BlueTooth receiver.

In addition to super-shorts, program tips and MicroMovies from previous mobile phone competitions, new clips will be produced daily in MicroMovie Sessions. International filmmakers are invited to capture their impressions of Berlin and the festival using the Siemens CX75 mobile phone from BenQ Mobile. These will be cut together to a 45-second clip available for download the following day.

The BlueNews program is comprised of seven parts that can each be downloaded for 5 – 10 minutes during a 60 – minute period. Content changes daily.

Hourly components:

  • Results of the MicroMovie Session: new clips produced by mobile filmmakers daily
  • 2 MiniMovies: super-shorts, not longer than 90 seconds, from interfilm Distribution
  • 2 Program spotlights, each 30 seconds
  • 2 MicroMovies from past competitions, each 90 seconds



Interview with Benoit Labourdette of Festival Pocket Films in France about the perspectives of Micro Movies.

watch now (Macromedia Flash Player required)



Content Clip length
minute 00 – 10 MicroMovie Session appr. 45 sec.
minute 10 – 15 Tip I (today) 30 sec.
minute 15 – 25 MiniMovie I
and message
60 – 90 sec.
minute 25 – 35 MicroMovie I 90 sec.
minute 35 – 40 Tip II (tomorrow) 30 sec.
minute 40 – 50 MicroMovie II 90 sec.
minute 50 – 60 MiniMovie II
and message
60 – 90 sec.

The BlueNews mobile magazine will be receivable in the foyer of Kino Babylon Berlin:Mitte for the duration of the festival. Bluetooth-capable mobile phones will also be available for rent here. The download service is carried out by beanzone technologie provided by (the manufacturer) Blue Cell Networks. Content can be viewed online at

Short films from the interfilm distribution are also available for cell phones at