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Initially founded in 1982 as a short film festival, interfilm has grown to become an internationally active, interdisciplinary point of call for the short film medium.

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Short Film Festival

interfilm Berlin organises the Berlin International Short Film Festival as well as interfilm Short Film Distribution. Established in 1982, the festival has years of experience and a growing number of contacts in the international cultural and short film sectors. This has enabled interfilm to forge ongoing links with several significant institutions and hold frequent, regular events, testifying to the festival’s success at bringing the short film format to an ever wider audience.

Since 2018 interfilm is Oscar® Qualifying Festival! - More

KUKI, international Children - and Youth Short Film Festival

Hold onto your hats! After the resounding success of the second KUKI Festival in 2009 here comes the 3rd International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin.

Theatre Distribution

In 1999, interfilm launched their distribution for the purpose of further promoting short film, not just to cinemas, but to festivals, institutes, associations, schools and a variety of other interested organisations. The distribution catalogue comprises approximately 300 outstanding films, with a selection that boasts everything from live-action, to animation and documentary, reflecting the entire scope of German and international short filmmaking.

The Theatre Distribution

interfilm Sales

The International Sales department was initiated by interfilm in 1999 for the purpose of furthering short film recognition. Now licensing an ever-expanding catalogue of internationally successful and outstanding short films for exploitation on TV, DVD, Internet, mobile phones, closed-circuit and other media.

The Sales Departement

interfilm Agency

interfilm Berlin creates extraordinary short film events on commission and in cooperation with clients. Whether you would like to celebrate a product, service or function, short films can be used to entertain audiences at the most diverse events.

The Agency