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Bon Voyage

Sinisa Galic, 15:00 min, Serbia 2017, Fiction, OV Serbian

A hot summer’s day in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A priest and an imam meet by chance in a bus. Although they have known each other for a long time, the wounds of war have not yet entirely healed. How to make the first step? Director Siniša Gali? sensitively describes the pain of a shattered region while looking to the future with unwavering optimism. Profoundly emotional and forgiving but never corny, this stand-out film was conferred with the award for Best Cinematography at Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival. Officially selected for Festival International du Film Nancy, the International Short Film Festival interfilm Berlin and Rome Independent Film Festival.
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Pola Beck, 09:58 min, Germany, 2017, Fiction, OV German

Things that have remained hitherto unspoken come spilling out during a store detective interrogation: A fourth-degree perineal tear, social isolation and the humiliating inability to take an unaided crap. A film about the highs and lows of motherhood that is sharp, honest and ruthlessly funny. Kleptomami was selected for competition at Clermont-Ferrand, Hof, interfilm Berlin and Max-Ophüls-Preis festivals.
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Philip Watts, 01:21min, Australia 2017, Animation, without dialogue

At the first sound of a scream you can always rely on Superperson! Now all that’s missing is a phone booth for the speedy costume change… In this extremely short and pointed animation, Philip Watts makes a clean sweep of gender clichés while never failing to amuse. One and a half memorable minutes selected for KLIK Amsterdam, interfilm Berlin, Animatou in Switzerland, Animation Block Party NYC and Blue Plum Animation Festival.
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Im WohnzimmerEspresso, Animateur

Im Wohnzimmer/ In the living room, Alexander Gratzer, 02:23 min, Austria 2015, OV German
Espresso, Alexander Gratzer, 05:22 min, Austria 2016, OV German
Animateur Alexander Gratzer 04:03 min, Austria, Hungary 2017, OV German

Regardless whether they appear in a desert, living room or bar, the laconic surrealism of Alexander Gratzer’s protagonists always leave audiences feeling hilariously perplexed. They exude a certain kind of comic charm that can only be found in his work, perhaps because of their underlying melancholy. This special cinematic cocktail has resulted in festival selections at Diagonale, interfilm Berlin, KLIK Amsterdam, Anim'est Romania and Ars Independent and numerous audience awards.

Arr. for a Scene

Jonna Kina, 05:18 min., France 2017, Documentary/Experimental, without dialogue
Two foley artists, a table full of utensils and one of the most well known shots in film history: the shower scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. Precise aural details come into focus while the viewer is barely able to look away from the concentrated gaze of both protagonists. It soon becomes clear that the act of reproducing sound is both high art and hard work. The jury at Nordisk Panorama 2017 thought so too and awarded the film “Best Nordic Short”.
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Sophie Linnenbaum, 08:24 min., Germany 2017, Fiction, without dialogue
Births, weddings, funerals. Life is a rapid succession of photogenic moments and photographic memories. Better remember to smile, or life might just pass you by!  Sophie Linnenbaum’s unflinching yet toungue-in-cheek look at this phenomenon earned this fun and beautifully constructed film numerous festival selections (e.g. Max-Ophüls-Preis, New Horizon, interfilm Berlin) and awards (such as winner of the Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis 2017).
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Minus One (-1)

Nastassa Xydi, 16:02 min., Greece 2016, Fiction, OV Greek
Summertime in Athens and Elsa’s family rents out their apartment to tourists like so many others. The only ray of hope is found in the new and cramped, temporary quarters of her boyfriend Andreas, although his life is on the verge of radical change.  Natassa Xydi’s film tells of growing up and financial difficulties, grand emotions and loss. This profound and impressive study of a decisive moment was screened in diverse international competitions at festivals including International Short Film Festival Berlin, FiaticortiFF (Best Film) and Mediterranean Short Film Festival of Tangier (Best Script).
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Den Sniffe

Matthew Nesbeth, 01:36 min., UK 2015, Fiction, without dialogue
Sweat and lust: When Ian hits the gym, it’s not merely for the purpose of working out… This extremely short and kinky British comedy was selected for a number of festivals including Festival Tous Courts, London Short Film Festival 2016 and the EJECT competition at International Short Film Festival Berlin.
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The Tunnel

André Øvredal, 14:22 min., Norway 2016, Fiction, OV Norwegian
A family heads home after a trip to the beach: Without any discernable reason, tension mounts in the car, as the government employs an unorthodox method to deal with overpopulation. André Øvredal (director of the Norwegian horror/fantasy feature film hit TROLLHUNTER) describes a grim future scenario that appears to be less far-fetched than we might hope. This thrilling sci-fi short was included in the official  festival competitions of Tribeca, Calgary and Neuchâtel IFF.
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Martijn Winkler, 12:07 min., The Netherlans 2017, Fiction, OV Dutch
For better or worse, smartphones and social media have become a fixed component of everyday life. In #tagged we witness how a girl loses control of her phone – and herself in the process. Here, the smartphone is quite literally the protagonist, as the entire story is told via its screen. Martijn Winkler’s original short film celebrated its world premiere in competition at this year’s Netherlands Film Festival.
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Daniella Koffler, Uli Seis, 15:00 min., Germany/Israel 2017, Animation, OV English/OV German
In the loosely autobiographical animation Compartments, Netta, a Jewish woman from Jerusalem, falls in love with a German man. When she moves to Berlin to live with him, her father becomes outraged: His parents survived the holocaust and in his eyes, Germany is the land of the perpetrator. While Netta enjoys living in Berlin, she is also confronted by anti-Semitism in everyday life. Directors Daniella Koffler and Uli Seis’ unique work is beautifully crafted, centred around the use of compartmentalised boxes to poetically illustrate the protagonists’ identities and the conflicts they face. The German Film and Media Rating institution FBW conferred the animation with the classification, “Exceptionally Valuable”. Featured at festivals including Filmfest Dresden, AnimaMundi and SICAF.
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Ela - Sketches on a Departure

Oliver Adam Kusio, 25:40 min., Germany 2017, Fiction, OV Polish
Young Ela lives in a small Polish town, but the lack of available prospects motivate her to start a new life in the West. As the time of her departure grows imminent, the relationship with her husband and family becomes strained. Director & screenwriter Oliver Adam Kusio studied at Film University Babelsberg Konrad Wolf. In this subtle and documentary-like portrait of a woman, he skilfully represents the longings and conflicts faced by her generation. Conferred with the Goldenen Reiter (National Competition) at Filmfest Dresden and selected for 56ème Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.
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Adrian Silisteanu, 19:36 min., Romania 2016, Fiction, OV Romanian
Until now, Adrian Silisteanu has mostly been known for his work as a cameraman. In this, his second film as director he presents us with the plight of a Romanian Roma family. When an underage family member gives birth to a daughter they are reluctantly drawn into conflict with hospital bureaucracy. Unable to provide the paperwork necessary for discharging the young mother and baby, Pardic? the disgruntled family patriarch, stops at nothing to resolve the problem. The list of accolades for Written/Unwritten in 2017 include the Grand Prix and Nomination for the European Film Awards in Tampere, the Grand Prix at Festival International Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier as well as winning the Audience Award at Independent IFF Lissabon and selected for competition at Rotterdam, Odense and Palm Spings.
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Working with animals

Marc Andre Reisbig, Norway, 2016, 4:02 min., Fiction, OV English
The mockumentary accompanies wildlife filmmaker Juan Sebastian Elcano, shooting on location on the Galapagos Islands. While providing an intimate behind-the-scenes look into the everyday routine of documentary filmmaking, the self-appointed “Bad Boy of Nature Documentary” reveals how Tarantino’s depictions of violence influence his work and why he is driven crazy by the diva-antics of his bestial stars. Working with animals won at Seoul International Extreme-Short Image FF 2016 and was selected for competition at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF 2017.
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Leon Vidmar, Slovenia 2016, 5:51 min, Animation, without dialogue

Lovro lies exhausted and sad in the bathtub reminiscing about the day he first went fishing with his grandfather. Memory and reality, the internal and external, past and present become increasingly interwoven in this personal parable about losing someone dear. Winning Best Animation at the Slovenian Film Festival, “Farewell” also received the Sound Award at PRIMANIMA World Festival.
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Between Bar

Pauline Flory, Germany 2016, Animation, 5:56 min, without dialogue
The only thing between wild partying and drinking alone is the invisible pane of glass director Pauline Flory uses to illustrate and animate her protagonist’s emotional state. An excellent medium with which to express the darkest depths of excessive wine consumption in colourfully trippy images and anecdotes. A highly original and intimate film, Between Bar ran in the German Competition at both DOK Leipzig and Filmfest Dresden.
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A pine tree villa (Eine Villa mit Pinien)

Jan Koester, Germany 2016, Animation, 13:00 min, OV German
A balmy summer evening drenched in blazing colour is the backdrop for this fairytale in which a lion and a bird pay a visit to an enchanted house at the end of a street. What begins as a youthful adventure soon escalates into a full-scale psychedelic trip of colour, form and music, and culminates in epic questions of self-identity. After celebrating its world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, Jan Koester was conferred with the “Arte Creative Award” in Hamburg for this rapturous frenzy of magical colour and also took home The Golden Horseman Filmfest Dresden for "Best Sound". We highly recommend the 3D version of this masterpiece for the ultimate cinematic experience!
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Make a wish

Jonatan Etzler, Sweden 2016, Fiction, 12:00 min, OV Swedish
After "Class Trip" and "I follow You", "Make A Wish" is now the third film by Jonatan Etzler to be taken into interfilm’s distribution pool. Anita and Gunnar have settled into a cosy life in their old age, leading a placid existence of television consumption and everyday routine. Sex is out of the question. Everything is thrown into chaos however when Anita makes a wish and is paid a visit by a young, TV presenter bursting with masculine virility. A Swedish comedy complete with happy end.
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Analysis Paralysis

Anete Melece, Switzerland 2016, Animation, 09:00 min, wothout dialogue
Anton’s head is about to explode for all the thinking he does, and the gardener is so furious that she’s about to lose it too. A search for a better playmate and vandals without yellow boots begins among the trampled flowers and chess-playing sausage dogs. This quirky and entertaining animation has bestowed Anete Melece (“Kiosk”) with a numerous awards including the "Audience Award Swiss Competition" & "High Swiss Risk Award" at Fantoche, the "Animated Grand Prix" at Encounters Festival and a nomination for the Swiss Film Award.
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Quiet on Set

Petter Holmsen, Norway 2016, Fiction, 12:00 min, OV Norwegian
A brief romantic encounter set at the very bottom of the film biz job ladder, spiced with a tantalizing dilemma: He plays a corpse and she does the catering. How they succeed at getting closer despite film set pitfalls is illustrated with lashings of humour and likeable characters. This charming style already scored Peter S. Holmsen the "Best Fiction Award" at Drammen Short Film Festival.

0068 Sniper's Nest

Radu Barbulescu, Romania 2015, Fiction, 19:52 min, OV Romanian
Sometimes, not even the best-trained task force is prepared for the unexpected: During a NATO assembly, sniper 0068 is positioned between a bedridden old woman and her carer. While he attempts to safeguard the area, the invalid lady of the house persistently pursues her own interests. With a great deal of sensitivity and fine sense for the inherent absurdist comedy of the situation, director Radu Barbulescu tells of his protagonists’ disparate and colliding realities. Scooping the "Audience Award for Best Short Film" at Anonimul Film Festival, ‘Sniper’s Nest’ was also selected for competition at Tampere and Odense.
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The peculiar abilities of Mr Mahler

Paul Philipp, Germany 2017, Fiction, 28:55 min, OV German
MAHLER has been selected to the competitions of two fantastic festivals: the world premiere will take place at Max Ophüls Festival (Germany) and the international premiere in Clermont-Ferrand (France). 
We ar very sure the festival audiences will be as fascinated by Mr Mahler's deduction abilities as we were. The GDR of 1987 provides the historical backdrop for the story about a missing kid.
Here's the trailer

Somebody Else

Laurent King, China 2016, Romance, 15 min, OV Mandarin
French director Laurent King works as a cinematopgrapher too and you can see his keen eye for imagery in the poetic shots of Shanghai at night, the backdrop for the fairytale kind of lovestory between a hotel valet and a mysterious rich socialite.
SOMEBODY ELSE participated in the competitions of OdenseRhode Island and interfilm Berlin.
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The Wild Boar (Das Wildschwein)

Bella Szederkényi, Germany/France/Ungary 2016, Animation, 13:32 min, Without Dialogue
After the premiere at Hiroshima International Animation Festival further festival stops for the film include Encounters, Bucheon and Klick!Amsterdam). The film follows a kid into the woods and tells an unusual and mysterious Coming-of-Age story about this pivotal moment in life when we shed our metaphorical skin and don't know the reaction when we emerge.
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A Confession

Petros Silvestros, UK 2015, Fiction, 8:52 min, OV English
Petros Silvestros has done it again: after MIKE (2014) he returned to the Berlinale Generation and won the Crystal Bear for Best Short Film one more time. A man thinks he found the priest from his childhood - but it turns out not to be a happy reunion.
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United Interest

Tim Weimann, Germany 2016, Animation, 9 min, Without Dialogue
Tim Weimann's animation is a cable car ride through the San Francisco of the early 20th century, bidding farewell to the alleged blessings of capitalism. The film has been selected to the competitions in Krakow, Melbourne, Trebon, Emden, Thessaloniki, Klick Amsterdam and 3D WIRE - Segovia.
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Jonathan Elbers, The Netherlands, 2015, 9 min, Fiction, OV English
Today of all days, the day before his holidays start, Joost accidentally locks himself inside an office storeroom. While his colleagues set off on trips to exotic locations, Joost is confronted by the seemingly impossible task of simply leaving the office. Almost a blueprint for how a comedy should be with perfect timing and sharp acting, the hilariously funny, Lockbuster has screened at festivals including Netherlands Film Festival and Austin Comedy Short Film Festival.
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Wider Horizons (Die Weite suchen)

Falk Schuster, Germany 2015, 29:25 min, Animation, OV German
A lot has been said about life in East Germany before the fall of the wall and there are even more films on the subject. What often falls by the wayside however is the everyday, the normality and identity beyond sensational cliches. As happiness was also attainable without having to cheer for the system and individual experiences could be made without necessarily becoming an enemy of the state. Falk Schuster’s film tells of just such identities in an impressively moving way and with all the lightness, warmth and colour of a summer holiday. The film has been shown at numerous festivals including Filmfest Dresden and was conferred with the prestigious Minister of Fine Arts Promotion Prize.
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Gerry's Garden

Jobie Nam, UK 2014, Fiction, 3:50 min, OV English
Poor Gerry is rudely awakened by an uninvited and extremely disagreeable guest – standing in the middle of his garden! But how can he get rid of him when he is not even able to leave the house? This British comedy about two bizarre characters who are not as they seem is terrifically short and laconic. A crowd-pleaser wherever it screens, Gerry’s Garden also scooped the audience awards in Emden and Osnabrück took home 1st prize for best supporting short at Filmkunstemesse Leipzig.
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It was damp, dark and smelled like wood

Peter Meister, Germany 2016, Fiction, 12:36 min, OV German
Peter Meister's comedy imagines with the last 12 minutes in the Trojan horse in which the most famous special forces in history have to deal with some unexpected challenges.
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For your own safety (Zu ihrer eigenen Sicherheit)

Florian Heinzen-Ziob, Germany 2016, Fiction, 15 min, OV German, ST English
Florian Heinzen-Ziob's new short film ZU IHRER EIGENEN SICHERHEIT (FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY) is very much about the times we live in. It's about airports, terror suspicion and the fine line between justified caution and fatal desire for recognition of an individual. The film will celebrate its world premiere at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival in New York.
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MeTube 2 - August sings Carmina Burana

Daniel Moshel, Austria 2016, Experimental/Dance, 5:50 min
After Elfie and her nerdy son August successfully proved themselves on their home webcam in MeTube 1, the odd pair venture onto the street to present the biggest, boldest, and sexiest operatic flash mob the internet has ever witnessed! The film premiered at this  year's Sundance Film Festival.
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Whatever the Weather (Bei Wind und Wetter)

Remo Scherrer, Switzerland 2016, Animated Documentary, 11:20 min, OV German, ST English
BEI WIND UND WETTER (WHATEVER THE WEATHER) is a new animated documentary by Swiss director Remo Scherrer, who studied at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. His protagonist Wally reflects on her childhood and the difficult relationship to her alcoholic mother.
BEI WIND UND WETTER was part of the Official Selection of Cinéfondation 2016 in Cannes and in Guanajuato and Locarno.
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Chris Raiber, Austria 2015, Fiction, 16:30 min, OV German, ST English
NELLY by Austrian director Chris Raiber is what the Berlinale catalogue calls "a precise, stylised Kafkaesque case history." We'd like to add it's also visually stunning and an emotional rollercoaster with actress Antonella Lenauer at its center. Winning a 'Special Mention' at the Berlinale Generation 14plus, the film continued to collect awards at the interfilm Festival, winning 'Best Live Action Short' and a 'Special Mention' at the KUKI Festival.
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Clumsy little Acts of Tenderness

Miia Tervo, Finland 2015, Fiction, 8:56 min, OV Finisch
Try if you can say the title in Finish: "Pieniä kömpelöitä hellyydenosoituksia".
Miia Tervo's comedy aims right at the heart of fathers of teenage daughters everywhere. Winner of Tampere Film Festival's "Youth Jury Prize" (2016).
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