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KUKI 10th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2017

19 - 26 November 2017


KUKI - 9th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2016

13.- 20. November 2016

Impressions KUKI 2016

THe KUKI Awards 2016!

Best Short Film for Children

1st Prize, 1000 € from zapf Umzüge

Operation Commando by Jan Czarlewski

Jury statement: The 1st prize goes to a highly moving film that we just couldn’t stop thinking about. The film is very emotional and the actors are really strong. This film particularly stood out because it doesn’t have a happy ending. We also thought that the film’s music was well-suited. The first prize goes to Operation Commando directed by Jan Czarlewski from Switzerland.

2nd Prize, 500 € from Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

Mindenki by Kristof Deak

Jury statement: Our second award goes to a gripping film which shows how important friendship and solidarity are. The music is beautiful and really suits the film. The young actors play their parts sensitively and credibly. The second prize goes to Mindenki, directed by Kristof Deak from Hungary.

Special Mention

Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto by Sandra Schießl

Jury statement: A special mention goes to “Chika, die Hündin im Ghetto”, directed by Sandra Schießl from Germany. We chose this film because it explores a serious topic in a child-appropriate way. It is sad but also humorous. The playful and creative animation gives the film a distinctive character.

Special Mention

Camises cap al cel by Jordi Ferré

Jury statement: We would like to give a second special mention to a film that impressed us because of its actors and exceptional depiction of Catalan tradition and culture: Camises cap al cel by Jordi Ferré Batalla from Spain.


Best Short Film for Youth, TeenScreen

1st Prize, 1.000 € from Jinzhen International Short Film Festival

Mon dernier été by Claude Demers

Two jury statements:

Contrast, innocence, fear, confusion. These are the keywords I would use to describe this masterpiece. This film shows that, regardless of what - or how – you think at the beginning, there is always something else, something you haven’t expected. It demonstrates how cheerful facades can obscure dark secrets. It deals with an exceedingly significant – and terrifying – subject that is rarely discussed in the modern world. The film is carried by the young actors’ exceptional acting skills, which is yet another reason to distinguish this film.

I have personally watched the film 3 times and even after the 3rd time, the film left a powerful impression on me through its meaningful and important message that was acted out by very skilled, young actors who were able to change the mood of the audience instantly, without even using much dialogue. Through its successfully made open-ending the film leaves room for discussion and rethinking, which we thought is very important for a short film.

2nd Prize, 500 € from Green Fuzz and Schwimmschule Ballon

A qui la faute von Anne-Claire Jaulin

Jury statement: The second prize goes to a film that is very appealing to teenagers, as it tackles a topical subject. In addition it also comprises adventure, friendship, as well as the ways in which love and religion are dealt with. The music is appropriate for every scene and although most of the action takes place at night, everything was clearly conveyed. The end of the film is outstanding as it dispenses with dialogue and concludes with eye contact between the two leading actresses. As a result, the emotions of the performers are reflected to an even greater degree.

Special Mention

En la azotea von Damià Serra

Jury statement: They are not a minority, they are not more or less significant than anybody else. They are simply just humans, friends and family. The U.S. recently elected a man who despises these people – a man who sees them as a minority. This film emphasizes the problem and makes it clear that the issue is very present, also among youth. Stunning acting makes this film even more unique. Our special mention goes to En la azotea by Damiá Serra from Spain.


Best Short Documentary for Children

Audience Awars, 500 € from Ampelmann

Gabriel verslaat het WK by Els van Driel


Competition Spark - Media Education Award

1st Prize 2000 € from Pädagogische Hochschule Zug

AlieNation vby Laura Lehmus

2nd Prize 1000 € from Pädagogische Hochschule Zug

Flea by Vanessa Caswill

KUKI - 9th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2016

Shorts for Kids / TeenScreen

13 - 20 November 2016

The coming KUKI & TeenScreen festival will present approximately 100 short films during eight festival days in various competition categories and special programmes. Films selected for competition will compete for a total cash prize pool of €6500.

Juries of children and teens will confer 4 ‘KUKI Awards’ in two sections:


• International Films for Children
• International Films for Youth
• Audience Award for Best Documentary

Special Programmes
• Environmental films
• Kindergarten program
• English, French & Spanish Foreign Language Programmes
• Workshops

About the festival

All KUKI and TeenScreen programmes will be shown at Filmtheater am Friedrichshain cinemas.

All films will be showed in the original language version with English subtitles. Films for children under 12 years of age will be given live voice-overs in German by professional actors, while all competition films in the TeenScreen section for youth will be subtitled in both English and German. All films in the foreign language programmes for youth will be screened in their original language versions and subtitled in the same language only.