interfilm Festival

33rd International Short Film Festival Berlin 2017

20.11.- 26.11. 2017

Submit your films starting february 1 - more here

Deadline: 23 June 2017

Festival DOKU 2016

We moved!

New adress since february 1:

interfilm Berlin / Strassburger Str. 55 / 10405 Berlin
Königstadt-Brauerei, Haus F / Alternative access also via: Saarbrücker Str. 24

Impressions from the construction ground


32nd International Short Film Festival Berlin

14 - 20 November 2016

600 films from 70 countries in 50 programms, 6 competitions, 7 cinemas and 4 districts of Berlin

Record: 21.000 visitors attended the festival , more than 600 accreditated guests and thereof 300 filmmakers.

Impressions 2016

Festival Opening

Celebrate 32 years of interfilm at the Volksbühne on 14 November 2016 - more

The Program

Around 60 programs with competitions and further sections: the program

More festival locations!

interfilm in 3 new locations: Daily at Zeiss Planetarium cinema and in the big dome our Virtual Reality Event. Hackesche Höfe Kino very downtown screens interfilm as well as Eiszeit in hip Kreuzberg. As is was downtown before: welcome to Volksbühne with Roter Salon and Grüner Salon, to Babylon with 3 floors, to Passage Neukölln and Il Kino in Neukölln. At The Grand we have party and intellectual sessions and Heimathafen Neukölln is a cool place for the award ceremony - check it out

International Competition

8 programs with wonderful films: They compete for the jury's favour - more

Confrontations Competition

3 Confrontations programmes highlight global, political and social issues - more

Documentary Competition

The documentary section reveals a wealth of portraits and observations - more

German Competition

Programmes that reveal the true German diversity, fun and seriousness - more

Green Film Award

Entertaining environmental films at Green Film Award in insightful films - more

Eject Competition

Eject XIX - The Long Night of Weird Films celebrates weird shorts - more

Encounter, exchange, discuss
: From Script Pitch to Masterclasses, Talks, Meet & Greet. - Deepen your horizont in the great art of short film making ... more

Focus Italy

Explore Italy in 5 programs full of adventure and cineastic thrills - more

Focus China

Strong films from China to learn more about this huge reality pot - more

Hot, Fresh Delicacies

Enjoy our irresistable selection of special programmes in Delicacies - more

Clips & Tracks

A vibrantly diverse, musical mix of film & video treats await you here - more

This Year's Guests

Guest programmes, festival highlights, attending curators and more - more

Extended Vision

3D, Virtual Realität and a work session with special glasses - more

Zebra Poetry Gala

The Gala of ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin - more

Sound & Vision

We're turning off the sound and inviting musicians to create shorts live - more

360 Degrees - Virtual Reality

Films that fly away: Virtual Reality in the dome of Zeiss Planetarium - more

Quiz Night

Do you really know everything about cinema?! - more

Events, Parties and more

Events, Partys, Receptions, Vernisage and more: Festival is fun - more

Award Ceremony

On sunday 20. Nov. 2016 winners will receive prizes worth ca. 35.000 Euro - more

Meet & greet during the day

Festival meeting point daily from 12 am to 8 pm at Roten Salon @ Volksbühne - more

Meet & greet at night

Festival meeting point daily starting at 6 pm at Volksbar opposite of Volksbühne - more