interfilm Festival

IC - International Competition

 8 programmes

IC 1 - Animation 1 - Mind Travels

IC 2 - Animation 2 - Search & Stumble

IC 3 - Lost Places

IC 4 - Sex & Insanity

IC 5 - Together Apart

IC 6 - Out of the Blue

IC 7 - Losing Grip

IC 8 - When we were Young


About the Competition

This year, the International Competition once again presents a multifaceted selection of the newest international short film productions. Selected from almost 7000 submissions from 130 countries, the international competition presents 65 films from 28 countries that have been shaped into a captivating program full of humor, significance, empathy and absurdity.

In eight competition programs, two completely devoted to animation, we present the most diverse aesthetic styles and narrative techniques that the last two years of international short filmmaking has to offer.

The short films gathered here abandon themselves
to absurd settings or set off on journeys through world of ideas and viewpoints. The films present their protagonists with unimaginable tasks that are then undertaken with humor, intelligence and courage. The grostesque stands side-by-side with the moving, the humorous with the dramatic. In all cases, the films captivate, occasion a faster heartbeat, and invite us to moving and entertaining journeys across the entire globe.



Heinz Hermanns, Andrea Schwemmer


Berlin-Brandenburg Award
Best Film

6.000 € from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Best Fiction

2.000 € from SAE Institute Berlin

Best Animation

1.000 € from BTK - Hochschule für Gestaltung

Best Cinematography

Postproduction worth 9.000 € from ARRI