interfilm Festival

Con - Confrontations Competition

Competition against Violence an Intolerance

4 programmes


CON 1 - No Choice

CON 2 - Last Resorts

CON 3 - Power Games

and out of competition:

CON 4 - Point of No Return - Refugee Stories

and online:

- Confrontations Online Award


About the competition

The 15th edition of the competition will take place during the greatest refugee crisis Europe has experienced since the Second World War. Therefore, alongside the three competition programs, the section will also feature a special out-of-competition program especially dedicated to the topic. These eight short films drive home the fact that displacement and the search for asylum are hardly a new phenomenon, while attempting to do justice to the diverse issues, conflicts and stories worldwide. The images relating to this topic are no longer confined  to the media – they are all around us! And it is thereby important to address these concerns with humanity and candour and take action. The somewhere and sometime is now!

In the three regular competition programs, the 24 films urge the audience to become active and demonstrate moral courage. They provide insight into stories in which protagonists traverse boundaries – of both their inner-resistance as well as national and international borders that hinder them on their search for security and peace. In the course of this, they are faced with making decisions that will change their lives forever: The Lebanese father who, when confronted by IS fighters only sees one possible way in which to save his family, or the Mexican farmer who is unable to defend himself against the corrupt expropriation of his land and loses all that is dear to him. The financial crisis, power struggles between rich and poor, the helplessness of those subjected to state oppression in their own or foreign lands are as equally represented here as religious structures with rules so rigid that they distort human action to a ridiculous degree.

There are filmmakers the world over devoted to exploring the relevant issues, which has allowed us to compile a  significant and meaningful program with films from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Yemen, Kosovo, Israel, Palestine, England, Australia, Greece, Jordan, France, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Mexico, Norway, Canada and Ethiopia.    


Andrea Schwemmer, Heinz Hermanns


1st Prize

€ 2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

2nd Prize

€ 1000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

Online Award

€ 1000 from Heinrich Böll Foundation Link