interfilm Festival

Festival Revue 2013

We're thrilled: The 29th interfilm and 6th KUKI Festivals were both astoundingly successful.

Guests attending from all over the world praised the fantastic film selection, the great atmosphere, locations, parties and events.

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Record Audience Numbers: 19,000 Guests!

The 80 interfilm programmes (130 screenings) and 14 KUKI programmes (31 screenings) at seven cinema locations were well attended: a new interfilm record was achieved with 19,000 cinema-goers. All the work we poured into creating new event ideas truly paid off and many innovations are set to return in 2014, we're delighted with the overwhelming positive response!

More than 500 guests were accredited, over 200 international and German filmmakers came and more than 300 industry guests enjoyed the festival. This year, attending filmmakers came from 35 countries as diverse as Brazil, Taiwan, Canada, USA, Myanmar, Iran and Tunisia.

Skilled Curators and an Expert Team

Over 500 films from 67 countries in 60 competition and special programmes!

Choosing from more than 7,000 film entries once again proved to be our main summertime buzz: viewing in small teams till we dropped! An abundance of great films were played into curators' hands. In turn, the network of competent programmers stringently brought the mass of interesting films into the sharp and diverse focuses that became the festival.

Practice makes perfect: Every year, many parts of the team are pieced together anew (party staff, volunteers, interns, helpers) and this year's harmonious constellation was perfectly prepared to get everything wonderfully right. Our guests were happy, audiences satisfied and even staff at each of our event locations were full of praise.

New Formats and Popular Events

interfilm loves thematic programmes, carefully composed dramaturgy that creates an arc of suspense, allowing each 90 minute programme to become a complex narrative experience. Seven impressive competitions are our festival flagships.

Our new event formats stood the test: The Sound & Vision experience, where diverse musicians compose new soundtracks for films and perform them live, is now as popular as the cult screening eject, The Long Night of Odd Films. And this year's brand new Best of FullDome-Festival Jena that featured 360° projections at the Planetarium am Insulaner proved to be an overwhelmingly successful spectacle.

Whether at Queer Fever, Bike Shorts, David Bowie, Otto Sander, Dance Films, Metropolis Tokyo or the Social Media programme, or at the Film Quiz, silent movies accompanied by Stephan Graf v. Bothmer on piano, or at the shows from Rigoletti, or Wurfsendungen with renowned actor Florian Lukas, the Viral Video Award or at Swing Shorts, the audience thoroughly enjoyed the huge variety of short film happenings and the incredible festival spectrum.

interForum - the Fringe Programme for Industry Professionals

The platform for encounters, exchange and discussions was taken advantage of by 450 productively inspired attendees. From the cosy "German Kaffeekränzchen" to packed seminars, workshops and panel talks right up to the Australian / New Zealand reception, the first-ever interForum was a total buzzing triumph!

At the Script Pitch competition, thanks to 25p MEDIA GROUP, the British Council and NISI MASA, ten scripts competed for €1000 prize money. Thanks to the extraordinary engagement of the tutors who held the exclusive seminars: Wim Vanacker, Nadja Dumouchel and Tobias Munthte, the ten finalists intensively worked on the projects they then presented at the Script Pitch. The winner was Ina Nikolova from Bulgaria.

Enthusiasm reigned thanks to the diversity of the programme that ranged from small intensive hands-on workshops to seminar groups and screenings right up to large-scale meet & greets. After the master classes, participants often stayed on and continued discussions in smaller groups. Illuminating debates and projects were also held and presented in the panel talks and at Pitch me. - The interForum was a fabulous success that winningly combined further training and networking – a festival in a festival!

Celebrating the Short Film ...

It's all about content! 10 years ago "short film" was still a dirty word. But numerous activities - including those organised by interfilm - have turned things around and given the short film its due place in the film world and increasing public appeal. Many outstanding films - both funny and serious - have elevated the "short" to what it's currently known for: fresh and dynamic filmmaking.

... thanks to our enthusiastic partners!

We're nothing without our partners! Throughout the years we've had faithful partners at our side, boosting the festival and our mission to propogate the short film format. And every year the list keeps on growing. Our sincere thanks go out to everyone who supports the festival!

Once again: A big thank you to all prize sponsors, partners and sponsors!

KUKI - 6th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth

KUKI - Shorts for kids drew a record number of 5,400 young and not-so-young cineastes to the cinemas at Filmtheaters am Friedrichshain and Passage Kino Neukölln.

The school programmes alone registered more than 4,000 guests, with the most popular being the Spanish Foreign Language Programme "Que Onda?", which was viewed by a total of 700 students and teachers. In addition to the Opening Matinee which burst with an audience of 350, the Competition Programme for ages 6 and up was attended by 700 little fans and a clear audience favourite.

And the [zapf] TrickTruck was back on site for the 2nd festival animation workshop, parked outside the FaF cinema. This year, legendary international animators Camera-etc from Belgium led the workshop for children aged 6 to 12 years of age and the finished film was premiered at the zapf Family Screening on the last festival Sunday to a cheering full house!

A further highlight was the enormously successful teachers' workshop "Short Film Goes to School", where diverse lecturers gave teachers an insight into how they can utilise short films in the classroom in numerous different ways.

Greetings and Feedback

A great time was had by many!

... I do really think that festivals like your's are the ones that really have something to say to the world... coz film is about this... about education, and that's what you are trying to do with this... so congratulations!!! Really!!! ... Thanks a lot! Thanks from the heart to you and all your staff!!!
Mikel Rueda Sasieta, Director:  Agua!

We would like to compliment every aspect of the selection, communication, and organization of the festival. The film programme was extremely diverse and inspiring, and all other events, interForum 2013 programme extremely gripping the attention.
In the Palace

Very high standard of shorts at the interfilm Berlin Fest. These guys also know how to throw an afterparty. Danke @interfilm_Bln
David Scurr @DabeedS

What a weekend. Thank you @interfilm_Bln for being such wonderful hosts. Hope to be back next year!
Georgia Oakley @Ge0r91a

Big thanks to @interfilm_Bln for their lovely festival this year! We really loved it. Loads of great Australian pieces this year, too!
Down Under Berlin @DownUnderFest

thank you for a WONDERFUL festival! You guys rock.
Edward L Dark @edwardLdark

The festival was great, we saw the best films ever and were very proud to be part of the selection
Ben Brand, Director "97%

Hi, just to add my own personal thanks to everyone at interfilm for your incredible organisation and hospitality, and to fellow jury members for fascinating discussions. All the very best,
David Downes, Filmmaker / Jury Member
"G R E A T! thank you all!
Nenad Borovcak, Tabor Film Festival
Thank you very much for everything, I had a great time in Berlin with you guys, so thank you very much again and congrats for your hard work.
Hope to see you soon again.
Randy Vermeulen, Producer "Straight With You"
Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality during the festival. I've had a great time - Eject was wild!
Mat Govoni, Director "The Misfortune of Others"

Just a quick note to say that it was great to meet you all and that I had a wonderful time watching and discussing films at interfilm. I hope our paths will cross again at some point. A massive thanks goes to the hardworking team for being so generous and taking such great care of us. I hope you’ll manage to enjoy some rest at some point ...
Take care,
Gaia Meucci, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival

First of all "a really warm" VIELEN VIELEN Dank for all your work, engagement, and presentation of the wonderful hommage to Otto Sander!
Régine Provvedi

I really enjoyed the wonderful workshop with inspiring films and lively discussions. My students and I were at the teen screening and we absolutely enjoyed all the films. We look forward to the festival next year!
Swee Sekhon, Nelson Mandela International School

I’m spending some wonderful days in Berlin, seeing friends and colleagues at the interfilm festival. They selected my 14 min Silent Snow film . In a full cinema  this morning 300 of kids were a great audience. After the film they gave a very long applause, with hands and feet, they asked perfect questions and told us about their plans for the future. Teachers are going to search the silentsnow site to get inspired for projects. But for one seven year old boy it was clear what he later would do: he was going to save the lions in Africa.                                 
Jan van den Berg, Director: Silent Snow

Almost every student found a film that somehow touched a nerve in them and especially the movies about how youngsters tried to deal with inner conflicts like loneliness and grief lead to a lot of discussion in class. Some students also commented positively about the ways, some of the films were made, like comic or animation films working with contrasting features, or real life movies where close-up shots were used in order to underline people´s emotions.

What was very special, this time, was the fact that quite a few film makers were present at the festival and came on stage in order to answer students´ questions. This way, e.g. autobiographical movies got a greater relevance to many of the students or “tricks” about film making were explained.

All in all, the excursions were a exceptional success and helped students become aware of many relevant social and emotional conflicts, as well as a great variety of film making techniques. Thank you for this unique experience!
Svea Henning-Nauber, Anja Grysczyk, Iris Knappe & Christoph Ulleweit Berlin International School