interfilm Festival

IC - International Competition


- 1 - Animated 1 - Visions

- 2 - Animated 2 - In Search of

- 3 - Mad Worlds

- 4 - Love Games

- 5 - The Family Factor

- 6 - Sex, Drugs, Catastrophies

- 7 - Die Hard

- 8 - Unexpected


About the Competition

Over 7,000 entries from 130 countries! It certainly was not easy to choose. While we watch and compare films repeatedly, many high quality productions don’t make it into the competition due to our many different selection criteria.

The result is 71 highly diverse short films from 34 countries
, divided into eight thematic programmes. 23 animated films have been placed in two separate programmes and the others are mixed in among live action shorts in further programmes. In addition to European productions, this year’s collection presents international contributions from Columbia, Iran, the Kyrgyz Republic, New Zealand, Taiwan and Madagascar among others.

The international competition reflects the global diversity of independent short filmmaking content-wise and stylistically. The films presented here handle themes such as love, sex, work, family and death, treating us to spectacular and less dramatic ways to die, the great and small catastrophes of every day life as well as outlandish forays into worlds of fantasy, right up to the perimeters of (sur-) reality. Whether told in ways that are tragic, hilarious or peculiar, these filmmakers aren’t afraid to tackle any topic.


Heinz Hermanns, Sarah Dombrink


Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award -  Best Film

€ 6000 from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Link

Best Fiction

€ 2.000 from SAE Institute Berlin Link

Best Animation

1.000 € from Luzia Link


Best Cinematography

Postproduction, value of € 10000 from ARRI