interfilm Festival

Green Screen Competition


- 1 - Last Exit Paradise

- 2 - The elements strike back


About the Competition

The world is on the verge of collapse and it’s high time to wake up and get active! In its second edition as an international competition, the two GREEN SCREEN programmes highlight the global dilemma between humankind and nature. Powerful films that aim to inspire us to take political and personal responsibility before it’s too late.  

Preserving the diversity of the elements and their complex interplay corresponds with the range of cinematic genres presented here, exploring the state of the environment in manifold forms of fieldwork and brilliant images: In animation and documentaries, in short fiction films, comedies and tragedies, topics such as exploitation, profit and greed are revealed in all their ugly glory. And grotesque situations such as environmental pollution, the destruction of virgin forests and species extinction plainly call out for cinematically bizarre approaches. These films aim to rouse and warn us, without ever leaving the realm of great entertainment.


Matthias Groll, Heinz Hermanns

Audience Award


Best environmental film

1.000 € by Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Green Film Network

interfilm is so far the only German and only short film festival member of GFN:

The Green Film Network (GFN) brings together some of the major film festivals that happen annually around the globe with focus on environmental issues.

Green Screen Competition - preview