interfilm Festival

GC - German Competition


- 1 - Floating Falling

- 2 - Harmony and Hate

- 3 - Inbetween Worlds


About the Competition

Contrary to the stereotype of German seriousness, many works in this year’s German Competition operate in comedy mode. Still, the potential for drama is (once again) fully tapped. In the area of reality fiction, the films are fuelled by their characters, whereas the animation often does without concrete personalities, keeping the viewer’s attention with variety of form.

The GC01 programme “Floating Falling” unites strong characters and their emphatically subjective world views. In searching for the self, highs and lows -- shaped by fellow man and social norms -- must be traversed. In these films, the line between intimacy and Narcissism quickly blurs. What takes its place is a back and forth between dream and reality, between cinematic form and a place beyond the film frame.

Relationships, whether of the romantic or family kind, provide stability and harmony, but also conflict and trouble. Open secrets and deep wounds tend to unsettle even the strongest of human bonds. The programme GC 02 “Harmony and Hate” takes a look at fatal mistakes, murderous jealousy and the difficulties of coming to terms with our own origins and histories.

The programme GC 03 “In between Worlds” gets by with a startlingly low number of protagonists. Nonetheless, there’s a lot going on in the world beyond what we’re used to. Inhospitable and surreal places, often breathtakingly animated, offer the viewer reflections of emotional states and take us on a trip to somewhere between reality, dream and nightmare.


Sophie-Luise Werner, Danny Gronmaier


Best German Film - 1st Prize

1st prize: € 2000 from ic! berlin Link

Best German Film - 2nd Prize

2nd prize: € 1000 from 25p *MEDIA GROUP Link