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Focus Bulgaria


- 1 - Bulganimation

- 2 - The Wild Bunch


About the Focus:

In recent years, the Bulgarian filmmaking industry has come into prominence due to the success of its film studios, giving strong competition to those in Potsdam and Munich. Thereby, Bulgaria has mostly served as a backdrop, with work by Bulgarian filmmakers rarely shown on screens outside the country. And yet, in socialist times, Bulgarian features were world-renowned. The film scene collapsed in the 1990s and is only now beginning to recover.

Typically, Bulgarian films reveal unsparing reflections of all sides of life, without resorting to popular clichés or dull descriptions of the everyday and always with a decisive pinch of humour. This programme promises to take the audience on a journey full of unexpected twists to surreal settings and with unusual animation peppered with absurd situations. And it is in animation where the unfettered imagination of Bulgarian filmmakers best comes to the fore. But Bulgarian film is not restricted to representing bizarre dreamlike worlds; there are also wonderful examples of socio-critical and political storytelling. 

Accompanying these programmes, we also invite you to attend the panel discussion on Bulgarian short film
, moderated by Valentina Bozhichkova (Festival Manager, In The Palace Short Film Festival, Bulgaria), on Thursday, 14.11.13 at 18:30 H in the Oval at Babylon.


Heinz Hermanns, Sarah Dombrink

Focus on Bulgaria - preview