interfilm Festival

Focus Australia / New Zealand


- 1 - Australia - Men on the edge

- 2 - Australia - Screams and Kisses

- 3 - Australia - Misfits

- 4 - Australia / New Zealand - Remote

- 5 - New Zealand - Not for cowards!

- 6 - New Zealand - Haunted Heroes


About the Focus:

This year, six programmes will present Australia and New Zealand in all of their facets: From short fiction to animation through to documentary. Tightly woven atmospheric stories are told with persistently new cinematic ideas and provide insights into life “Down Under”.

These focus programmes present the diversity of contemporary short filmmaking in both countries. With three Australian and two New Zealand programmes, as well as a mixed documentary programme, this selection aims to compare and contrast the stylistic and narrative characteristics of both countries while revealing the subtle and remarkable differences so often overlooked outside the southern hemisphere.

Clever political decisions, enthusiasm and a generous portion of audacity have all played vitals roles in helping Australia’s film industry grow and attain the international reputation it now enjoys. But the temptation to keep expanding comes at a price, because the off-beat film is in danger of disappearing wherever Hollywood lurks. For the time being however, Australian filmmakers and their often wonderfully quirky films still have the world’s audiences at their feet.

New Zealanders on the other hand, have positioned themselves in the short film world with cinematic gems that burst with unrestrained imagination, mischievousness and a partiality for the macabre. Unconventional, endearing stories balanced with just the right amount of sensitivity have shaped the New Zealand filmmaking landscape in recent years.


Alexander Stein, Malcom Blaylock, Sarah Dombrink, Heinz Hermanns

Focus Australia / New Zealand - preview