interfilm Festival

Eject XVI – The Long Night of Odd Films

Friday 15 Nov - 11pm - Volksbühne

An established favourite at interfilm and euphorically celebrated by old fans and new admirers: eject – The Long Night of Odd Films!

These are the films!

A veritable haven for absurd, odd and freaked out films ready to present their peculiar magnificence to an adventurous crowd. Tonight, the audience is the jury – and the goody bag they receive at the door contains numerous whacky voting devices, allowing gut feeling and noise to take the place of long-winded laudations.

And you won’t be disappointed
by what this cabinet of off-the-wall films holds in store for you this year, we have selected the most wonderfully strange films from thousands of entries: Alongside lots of unusually enacted music pieces, cocoons are spun, babies are put over dragons’ knees, whale-women are initially integrated, then erased and giraffes undertake flights of fancy, way above their heads.

In great eject tradition, our charming host Humpert Schnakenberger will be there to guide the audience in their highly responsible duty, accompanied by the inimitable Sir Henry who’s sure to set the night on fire with his wild organ playing and inspirational audience sing-a-longs.

And after this long night has gotten off to such a good start, keep the weirdness rolling and celebrate it on the dance floor at the eject after-party in Roter Salon.

Book early to secure tickets for this notorious, interactive film programme!

Tickets: €8

Tickets @ Volksbühne or e-Tickets / Volksbühne

Eject is presented with the friendly assistance of Ampelmann Berlin.


Sophie-Luise Werner, Reiner Gabriel, Alexander Stein


Audience Award for the weirdest & most wonderful film

€ 1000 von Ampelmann Link

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