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CON - Confrontations Competition


- 1 - Taking it on

- 2 - No chance

- 3 - On the edge


About Confrontations

The question “Why?” doesn’t just arise when opening the morning newspaper, but also increasingly on a simple stroll through the city. Why do bored teenagers channel their energy in violence? Why should African refugees count themselves lucky for not having drowned, only to live in shabby tents on a Kreuzberg square? And why are there some people willing to sacrifice their time to help the needy, without any promise of personal gain?

While the answers cannot all be found in the 20 films featured in the CONFRONTATIONS competition section, these films do provide an insight into backgrounds that are usually obscure, taking the audience on a trip around the globe to people who are often forgotten or overlooked in Ethiopia, the Philippines or Iran and also to countries such as France and Belgium. In this way and in wonderfully animated images, we are able to accompany the long journey of a refugee through Africa, follow hot on the heels of Somali pirates and feel stunned by youth violence and the consequences of some religious laws. But it’s not all tragic on the Confrontations screen, because alongside those struggling on the peripheries of society there are also people who manage to make the best of their situation and others who help.


Stephanie Hofmaier, Andrea Schwemmer, Heinz Hermanns


1st Prize

€ 2000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

2nd Prize

€ 1000 from the Federal Agency for Civic Education Link

Confrontation Competition - preview