interfilm Festival


A moving installation by Richard Frenken

The optical device logos-zoetrope (gr. Life-turning) is a precursor of film in a contemporary context that utilizes a mechanism from the 19. C. A two meter high steel cylinder with 108 minute slits rotates and becomes transparent, reveling an animated collage. A short film in a new format, displaying a cyclical synchronicity and enveloped in an aura of whirling light.

Richard Frenken

Born 1957 in Carnarvon, W. Australia, to German immigrants, Richard Frenken studied media arts and drama in Melbourne, graduating in 1983. After extended periods overseas, he taught from 1988 experimental film at Deakin University, Melbourne, until his departure for Germany in 1995. During the first 4 years there he studied as a guest student at the HfbK, University of Fine Arts, Hamburg. Currently he is a member of “FRISE, Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.” Frenken's works are primarily photographic and cinematographic, often employing his own unique techniques, with a strong performance character. In his exhibitions the emphasis is on installation. Frenken's works are shown among others in Australia, Europe and the USA.