interfilm Festival


Volksbühne, Friday 15 November 2013 from 4pm to late night

The cool convention for all things short film!

Where: All over the Volksbühne! - in the main theatre and Sternfoyer, Roter Salon and Grüner Salon.

Get ready for the ultimate short film convention at the Volksbühne theatre: A day of unique highlights, events and encounters. The ShortFriday line-up includes screeningsfilm and live-music clashes, panels, lectures, awards ceremonies and parties! And it all takes place as a concentrated, creative exchange within the four + walls of the Volksbühne, focussing on communication, networking and do-it-yourself strategies. Welcome to ShortFriday!

We offer several events at night. Special events also are the Script Pitch Competition at 2 pm and the Pitch me! from 6 to 8 pm!

Roter Salon

Meeting point 12 am - 8 pm
Accreditation & Lounge

Babylon Oval

interForum 12 am Workshop
Dedo Weigert Film Berlin on Lighting Set Ups - more

Grüner Salon

interForum 2 - 5 pm
Script Pitch Competition! - more

interForum 6 - 8 pm
Pitch me! - Präsentations - more

Volksbühne, Theatre

Event 8 pm - live:
Sound & Vision!
Imagine seeing amazingly original films - but the sound you hear is not recorded. Envisage a small group of figures beneath the screen in the dimmed light. Agitated, concentrated musicians creating carefully composed, mind-blowing soundtracks and performing them, live! - more

Event / Screening 11 pm:
Eject XVI – The Long Night of Odd Films -

Roter Salon

Event 9 pm
Award Ceremony Viral Video Award - more 

Screening 11 pm
Body Talk: Dancefilms! - more

Party 00:30 pm
Eject-Party open end - more

Grüner Salon

Event 9 pm
Wurfsendungen non-stop. 99 Mini-Hörspiele live - more

Event 11:30 pm
Bauhaus in Motion – Filmes, Speaker, Danceculture - more