interfilm Festival

Sound & Vision 2013

Sound & Vision

Volksbühne, Friday 15 November at 8 pm

Picture one of the largest screens in Berlin. Imagine seeing amazingly original films - but the sound you hear is not recorded. Envisage a small group of figures beneath the screen in the dimmed light. Agitated, concentrated musicians creating carefully composed, mind-blowing soundtracks and performing them, live! Just for this event. One time only. No encore.

Admission: €8 or25 for a 5 ticket pass (can also be used as a group ticket).

Pre-Sale Tickets: Box Office or Volksbühne Online Tickets.


Ghantus & Fiedler Sounds concrète
Scene() Bass, drums & sounds
Porn Hipe The brass section
Juliana Hodkinson Contemporary sounds to old films
Philipp Nespital aka smalltape FX & Keys
Susie Asado Singer-songwriter
Younnat Self-made sampler sounds
Madlick Electronic beats

Acts & Films

Laska - The Chick

Film: Michal Socha / Music: Madlick


Hot and fervent loveplay between a man and woman. The particular perspective of their act will be interpreted by the electronic rhythms of Madlick.

Nuit Blanche

Film: Arev Manoukian / Music: Scene()

Glances meet - and the world stands still. Explosive accompaniment is guaranteed by Scene(), with bass, synthesizer and loads of sounds.

Scene ()


Film: Christopher Frey / Music: smalltape

When gravity no longer keeps us on the ground, peculiar things start to happen. Songrwriter and sound artist Philipp Nespital aka smalltape will provide the fitting supernatural sound-dimensions.



Film: Johannes Salzmann / Music: Younnat


When workers don’t really want to work any more, the boss has to think of something particularly motivating. The Ukrainians from Younnat, who also have a film running at the festival, will perform a complementary piece composed using handmade samplers and sounds.


Film: Nikki Schuster / Music: Ghantus & Fiedler

Something for insect fans! Here are swarms of creepy, crawly and constantly changing little creatures. Simarly diverse and creative, Aaron Ghantus and Philipp Fiedler set the sounds to the moving pictures.


Film: Alba Sueiro / Music: Porn Hipe


A spaceship searches for signs of life. Bombastic images of deep space are paired with the irresistible power of Porn Hipe: Tuba, horn, trumpet and trombone.


Alice in the Sky

Film: Jonas Meier / Music: Susie Asado

Supposedly wild animals become tame and ask you to dance. And Susie Asado’s exquisitely eccentric song writing supplies the furry score.

Par Desmit Minutem Vecaks

Film: Herz Frank / Music: Juliana Hodkinson


The Lithuanian classic by Herz Frank was groundbreaking for the documentary genre. What do children experience at the cinema? The contemporary composer Juliana Hodkinson searches for the tonal answer.