interfilm Festival

Best of FullDome-Festival Jena

International short films in a 360° dome projection

Planetarium am Insulaner, Thursday 14 November at 8 pm

FullDome? Yes, we're going to the Planetarium. No, not to watch stars! At this unique event, we'll be presenting short films that have been specially made for the dome! Whether animated, live-action, documentary or experimental, FullDome-films are a cosmic extension of the classic cinema experience.

In the comfort of reclining arm chairs, the audience can enjoy award-winning films that fill their entire field of vision – without having to wear special glasses. We’re plunging into a dimension of filmmaking that has largely, and unjustly, been ignored.

The eclectic film programme was put together by FullDome-Festival Jena, which in recent years has become one of the most important international festivals for the presentation of Fulldome Shows. Further information can be found at:

This extraordinary evening is a cooperative event organised by Planetarium am Insulaner (Wilhelm Förster Sternwarte e.V.), FullDome-Festival Jena,  FH Postdam and interfilm Berlin.

Tickets: €8, concession €6. Festival and 5 tickets passes are not valid for this event!

Adavance Sales available at the Planetarium ticket desk

Reserve tickets by calling: (030) 790093-0 or send an email to

Planetarium am Insulaner
Munsterdamm 90 (Am Insulaner)
12169 Berlin