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About the Competition

The contradictory themes of dream and reality are woven throughout this year’s documentary competition: Selected from approx. 700 entries, the 16 films from 14 countries swing between those two extremes. Dreams often make the unpleasant realities of these protagonists bearable, lending them purpose and stability. Sometimes dreams even succeed at making real lives lovelier. At times visually opulent, at others comical, poignant or hard-hitting, the stories they tell are black & white, animated and colourful, from countries as diverse as Myanmar, India, Burkina Faso, Mexico, Libya and Brazil. Stories that are moving, irritating and often amusing.

It doesn’t always have to be a job that makes life fulfilling. In “Dream Jobs” the focus lies on people in distinctly different work configurations around the globe. People who have turned their passion into a career, others who don’t stand a chance and some who even use work to forget their disdainful existence.

“Reality 2.0” turns its attention to brutal reality, while also displaying its nicer aspects. Here, the protagonists move between criminality and turmoil of war. And sometimes, the things that seem harmless hurt the most. So much in fact, that one is only able to laugh – quite heartily in fact.


Ingrid Beerbaum, Heinz Hermanns

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Best Documentary

Audience Award 1.000 € from HOMEPRODUCTIONS Link