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Viral Video Award

The PR-Agency Zucker.Kommunikation and interfilm Berlin initiated the "Viral" festival category in 2008. Ever since, both have been busy organising the Viral Video Award and crowning the best 'viral' internet films around.

Virals sought!

Desperately seeking films with a message. All entries should aim to communicate either a promotional, ideological, political or original message. Not more than two years old, the virals must be successful at spreading the net, or at least on the way to doing just that.

A jury will select the best virals from all entries submitted, to participate in the online audience vote. Films can be viewed and voted-for on this site. Furthermore , the virals will also be under the expert scrutiny of a jury consisting of industry professionals. All films which make it to the online-voting stage will also be presented on the big screen during the 26th International Short Film Festival Berlin.

We annually call upon Filmmakers, bloggers, agencies and creative people involved in viral filmmaking and its propagation to recommend outstanding films for the Viral Video Award. The films can either be produced exclusively for this purpose or already be in existence. Matthias Bonjer, Manager at Zucker.Kommunikation: "Word of mouth propaganda, viral marketing and open discourse with users are the essential elements of innovative communication in the Internet. We created this new festival category to honour the importance of viral films at one of Europe's most important short film festivals."

We're after much more than just giggling babies, cute kittens, slip-ups and bloopers, we want videos with a message! Whether it's for or against a certain brand, idea or image, the most important factor for our consideration is the film's aim to convey a message and desire to spread the Net. We are all aware that short film is currently experiencing a real Internet boom, a remarkable development particularly regarding the kind of film that seems to spread by its own volition...

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