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Siemens MicroMovie AWARD

The first world-wide international competition for films shot exclusively on mobile phones, was organised by interfilm Berlin and Siemens as part of the 20th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2004.

Film schools and selected directors were invited to take part from all over the world: Over 100 film schools, directors and producers received the 2004 brand new Siemens SX1 Mobile Phone, in order to produce a short film of max. 90 seconds duration. There was no set theme and any kind of post production was permitted. The response was overwhelming: 150 incredibly short films made specifically for the project reached us from 23 countries and the jury had a tough time selecting initial competitors. The 20 best films came from 11 countries and 5 continents.

Das MicroCinema im Foyer des Kinos Babylon

Extravagant MicroCinemas were set-up for festival audiences in the foyers of both the Kino Babylon and Filmtheater Hackesche Hoefe cinemas, with non-stop screening and voting possibilities. The online-vote took place world-wide at

The big-screen premiere took place at the MicroMovie-Lounge Party on Saturday 6 November at the ‘Taucher' Club, with 13(!) international filmmakers present. During the Festival awards ceremony, the high quality of the ‘tiny' films was even able to impress the big-screen audience. The Colombian filmmaker Felipe Cardona was presented with the 3000 Euro ‘Siemens Mobile MicroMovie Award' on Sunday 7 November in Filmkunsthaus Babylon for his film ‘Checklist'. Over 10,000 viewers participated by casting their vote.

Wilde Party nach dem MicroMovie AWARD mit Namosh

As the mobile phone's visual potential first became apparent, the competition turned into a festival hit, becoming the hot topic in cinemas and even the international press. – For several filmmakers the competition proved to be a successful career springboard.

Cooperation with Siemens was excellent: a few months later interfilm and Siemens organised a similar competition with the St.Kilda Short Film Festival in Melbourne, Australia and a year later the joint venture Blue News originated.

See some filmemakers - to the very left Felipe Cardona from Columbia: