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Going Underground 2002 - 2012

International Short Film Festival in Berlin Subways

In cooperation with "Berliner Fenster", interfilm Berlin has been taking art culture to subterranean Berlin: On over 4,000 monitors in Berlin subways, 1.6 million passengers turn into an underground movie audience for one week, and can vote for their favorite of 14 films. A total of 60,000 citizens voted during the last festivals, giving the short film genre quite a popularity push.

During past years, GOING UNDERGROUND has become the largest audience-award festival in the world, presenting short films to people of all ages, cultures and social backgrounds.

From elaborately produced animation to reality films – anything goes as long as the three prerequisites for submision are met: Films must be no longer than 90 seconds, be comprehensible without any sound, and devoid of sex or violence. A tremendous challenge to most filmmakers, and often resulting in an impressive array of strirring, imaginative, suspenseful and fantastical films.

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