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AVA (Audio Visual Access): films in Berlin libraries!

Months of preparation, negotiations and planning are finally bearing fruit: We’re bursting with pride to introduce what we have been looking forward to for so long, the Audio Visual Access Project – in  short: AVA.

AVA takes short film out of the cinema and into the library, making a considerable part of the festival program accessible to a much wider audience, beyond the brief timeframe of festival dates.

Almost 200 selected films from the 32nd International Short Film Festival Berlin will be available to watch on viewing stations at the Amerika Gedenkbibliothek and the Berliner Stadtbibliothek, free of charge. The diverse range of films represents the entire spectrum of short film programming interfilm exemplifies, with competition films found alongside special thematic programs as well as Foreign Focus shorts from China and Italy, and compilations from Cuba and the Arab world. Further highlights comprise the 2017 Oscar winner, “Mindenki” from Hungary and “Pas de Cadeau”, which received the Best Film award at interfilm’s last edition. The library’s potential as a conveyer of knowledge will thereby be augmented by short film, providing the foundation for exchange, education and communication.

As a cooperative project between the respective libraries, in interfilm's case the Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin (ZLB), seven international short film festivals and the entry platform, Reelport, AVA spans a comprehensive net beyond national borders while simultaneously inviting the local public to share in the multifaceted nature of short film. The question as to which films will be available in each of the given libraries is decided by the short film festivals of the respective city. As a result, the program in each city will be unique, reflecting the approach of the festival’s particular curators.
Whether as an art form or means of communication, we are delighted to be able to provide the short film with a further platform and even broader potential audience.
In addition to interfilm’s cooperation with the “Amerika Gedenkbibliothek” library in Berlin, other participants include:

Kurzfilmfestival Cologne, Germany
Tampere Film Festival, Finland
Leuven International Short Film Festival, Belgium
La Guarimba International Film Festival Amantea, Italy
Cork Film Festival, Ireland
Encounters Film Festival, England

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